Skin Care

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned that there are skin care and cosmetic products sold in the market that contain the harmful chemical, mercury.

The FDA says that if the product carries the label "mercury", 'mercurious chloride", "mercuric", "mercurio", or "calomel", stop using it right now. It also suggests that if the ingredients are not clearly included in the label, then don't buy the product. 

Mercury content can be found in anti-aging and skin lightening skin care and cosmetic products claiming to remove lines and wrinkles, freckles, skin blemishes, and even acne.

These skin care and cosmetic products are manufactured outside the US and marketed illegally in the US particularly in areas populated by African-Americans, Middle Easterners, Asians, and Hispanics. 

The Dangers of Mercury Poisoning

Mercury poisoning cause harm to the body by blocking the blood vessels and disrupting the body's normal functions. This results to serious damage to the lungs, brain, and kidneys.

Signs and symptoms of mercury poisoning

1. Itching and burning sensation in the skin or the feeling that insects are crawling under your skin

2. Changing skin color. When you notice that the color of your skin is becoming pale and no longer looks healthy, you may have been dangerously exposed to mercury.

3. Peeling of the skin. If you notice that you are experiencing an unusual shedding of your skin, you need to see a doctor.     

4.  Damage to your eyesight, hearing and speech. When you notice a change in your eyesight, hearing and the way you speak, you may have been exposed to mercury and you need to see a doctor.

Next time you want to go to the mall to buy that skin care product or cosmetics that you badly need, check the label first. Make sure there's no mercury in its ingredients. 

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