Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Benefits of Coenzyme Q10 - The Energy-Boosting Supplement

Coenzyme Q10 is a substance that is naturally produced by the body. It is found in the mitochondria of our cells thus making it the main powerhouse of our body. It releases energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) during exercise and other forms of physical exertion that involves the utilization of oxygen.

95% of our body's energy is produced with the release of ATP during physical exertion which explains the high concentration of the substance COQ10 in the organs that require the highest amount of energy such as the liver, heart and kidneys.

Coenzyme Q10 or COQ10 for short, is important in treating patients with congestive heart failure. It has the ability to lower both the systolic and diastolic pressure of the blood thus significantly lowering high blood pressure.

CoQ10 is also believed to treat migraine headaches particularly those attacks caused by a lack of oxygen supply to the brain. Taking a regular dose of this supplement which is packed with oxygen will dramatically reduce the debilitating effects of migraine headaches.

CoQ10 is also known to be an effective treatment for gingivitis and periodontitis. Previous studies shows that these two gum diseases can be caused by CoQ10 deficiency in the diet. Clinical tests made on human beings showed that regular treatment of

CoQ10 strengthens the immune system in the presence of gum diseases and may reverse cases of gingivitis.

Foods that are very rich sources of CoQ10 are: 

fish such as mackerel and sardines
soybeans, broccoli, cauliflower, parsley and olive oil. 

Fruits are low in CoQ10 except avocado. 

Nut lovers are sure to obtain this substance from peanuts, pistacchios and sesame seeds. 

Small amounts of CoQ10 can be found in chicken heart and chicken liver, and dairy products.

A daily dose of 3 to 6 mg of CoQ10 which can be sourced mainly from meat can supply the body of its required daily allowance of this substance.